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GUT video and audio recordings

Three recording sessions were organized and performed by GUT. This is an useful and important step in INDECT development.

Gathered material serves as a reference for audio and video processing algorithms, aimed at an automatic detection of threats  and dangerous events such as: gunshots, screams, broken glass, explosions, and panic reaction in the crowd. All participants were GUT students who signed “Informed Consent Form”. No personal data of participants were collected. The person's images were anonymized by utilization of low resolution cameras, insufficient for registration of recognizable face image.

The first session took place in the northern courtyard of the Main Building of Gdansk University of Technology. The equipment used in the recording was: 2 AVS, 1 digital PTZ camera, 2 fixed digital cameras, alarm signal gun. The material was recorded in highest possible quality (27Mbit/s) with Ground Truth description annotation for experiments. Moreover two Canon XHG1 cameras were used to record the scenes in 1440x1080 resolution at 25 frames per second. The test group consisted of 16 persons. 30 minutes of material was recorded. During this time 5 potentially hazardous situations were arranged. Hazardous situation consisted of a gunshot followed by a raise of panic in the group. Contrarily, a typical situation presents the group not reacting to the shooter. This represents the case in which the shot is an acceptable activity (e.g. for celebration).

The second recording session was done between the buildings of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics. During this session the MD4-200 - quadrocopter developed by Microdrones GmbH was used to record the crowd reaction scenes from the air.

The third recording session was organized by GUT in cooperation with GHP on shooting range in Warsaw. An effort was made to record real weapon shots and explosion sounds serving as sound samples for automatic recognition of events. Numerous types of hand weapons were used, recorded with varying microphone distance. Recorded sounds were collected and catalogued.

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