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INACT 2.0 released

Possession of child sexual abuse pictures is forbidden in most countries. Nevertheless, generally speaking the ban applies not only to regular citizens but to police officers units as well. This significantly complicates revealing and acquiring evidence in police investigations. Therefore, a computer software to overcome this problem is needed.

In the long term it is foreseen that INACT (INDECT Advanced Image Catalog Tool) application will aid the police in combating crime, especially those related to children pornography focusing on protecting the young victims and prosecuting the producers of the content.

The goals of the INACT service is to allow for creation of a multimedia repository of digital images (in future - other media types) which are Police evidence and to allow for search for identical and similar images in the suspect large database. The proposed catalogue would not require to store the images, but just low- and high-level metadata of the images.

Last week a meeting of researchers from AGH and Police Officers from General Headquarters of Polish Police took place. During the meeting the second version of the INACT software was installed. This version significantly improves the functionalities provided by the first version. Among other things the catalogue is accessible through the network, which allows multiple Police Units to work with the same catalogue at the same time. Additionally, software used to search the forbidden content was merged into the DEFT operating system, which is a state of the art forensic tool.


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