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Indect Block Cipher

New application - called “Indect Block Cipher” or “IBC” - has been created in the WP8. IBC is an application which is able to encrypt and decrypt data by means of a innovative block cipher.

The idea of cipher bases on non-linear substitution boxes and has a structure of substitution-permutation network with different key length and different number of rounds.

IBC application was written in C++ object-oriented programming language. It has the modular structure and intuitive interface. Graphical User Interface was built by means of C++/CLI (Common Language Interface) language under .NET platform. The application uses multithreading techniques.

The main features of IBC application:

  • provides higher level of security then ordinary symmetric ciphers (by using bigger number of new non-linear S-boxes),
  • ensures high resistance to cryptanalysis (by using innovative construction of encryption keys),
  • provides different level of data confidentiality,
  • can encrypt/decrypt all types of files,
  • can encrypt/decrypt short messages written directly in the interface.


Click on the picture to see the graphical interface of Indect Block Cipher.

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