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MCSS 2013 Conference, 6-7 June 2013, Kraków

The conference Multimedia Communications, Services and Security  (MCSS’2013) aimed to present research and development  activities was held in Krakow, Poland, from   June 6th to June 7th. The main topics of interests included Object Positioning, Privacy & Data Protection using Digital Watermarking and Cryptography, Ethical Issues and Procedures in Security Research on Video Surveillance and Internet Monitoring, Object & Threat Detection, Data Compression & Distribution, Human-Centric Multimedia Analysis & Synthesis as well as Threats of Cybercrime.  During MCSS’2013, 27 scientific papers were presented.
This year the conference was attended by special guest: Professor Kamisetty Ramamohan Rao from University of Texas at Arlington. Professor Rao gave a keynote speech on Current Video Coding Standards: H.264/AVC, Dirac, AVS China, HEVC and VC-1.
One of the session was devoted to ethical aspects. Piotr Drobek, from Bureau of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection in Poland gave a presentation “Dilemmas of privacy protection in researches on public security. Data Protection Authority’s point of view.”
The second speaker at this session was Piotr Konieczny from (a consulting company focused on IT security). He gave a presentation: “We can protect our privacy online. NOT.”

After the conference the authors of Best Papers  have been awarded.  The prizes were given for the following papers:

  • “People Detection and Tracking from a Top-View Position using a Time-of-Flight Camera”, Carsten Stahlschmidt, Alexandros Gavriilidis, Joerg Velten, Anton Kummert (University of Wuppertal, Germany)
  • “Audio-visual surveillance system for application in bank operating room”, Józef Kotus, Kuba Łopatka, Andrzej Czyżewski, Georgis Bogdanis (Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland)
  • “3D video compression using depth map propagation”, Sergey Matyunin, Dmitriy Vatolin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow)

This year there was also a Special Award granted to Paweł Korus from AGH for the best paper presentation and achievements on watermarking technology.
The proceedings of MCSS 2013 were published in the Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series from Springer. They are also available online at
MCSS 2013 Conference is perceived as highly successful. Nearly 100 people have joined INDECT MCSS 2013 Conference.

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