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More Security in Krakow, Conference, 12 May, Krakow (Poland)

On the 12th May 2014 INDECT team representatives participated in the Conference entitled "More Security in Krakow” which was held in Krakow (Poland). The organizers of the meeting were: City of Krakow and team of researchers from the Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

Discussed topics during the meeting concerned i.a. assessment of the security situation in Krakow, comparison of safety in Krakow to other large cities, problems connected with large number of stores selling alcohol and research on sense of security residents.

Based on the presented data from 2013, the Municipal Police Commander and Municipal  Police Commander of Krakow have indicated a positive trend connected with the safety of Krakow agglomeration compared to previous years. Number of crimes is decreasing systematically. Crime statistics, particularly onerous and having a decisive impact on the sense of security have been reduced as well.

Participants discussed the problems affecting - according to them - the level of threat in place of residence. These, most frequently, were: demands to increase patrols of police officers and the Municipal Guard of Krakow, improving road safety, reducing the number of places selling alcohol, fighting a neighborhood vandalism, homeless persons disturbing the public order, strenuous activity of entertainment venues, as well as noisy customer behavior in pubs and beer gardens. It seems that modern security system like intelligent monitoring can help solve some of these problems.

Furthermore, Prof. Andrzej Dziech and Jan Derkacz had a meeting in the Krakow City Council. Krakow authorities are interested to implement intelligent monitoring system supporting the safety of the citizens. This is in line with the results of referendum results from May this year, which shown that approximately 70% of Krakow citizens support the idea of development of city monitoring.

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