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Video Quality in Public Safety Workshop

The fourth Video Quality in Public Safety (VQiPS) Workshop was held by Department of Homeland Security, Office for Interoperability and Compatibility (DHS/OIC) in partnership with the Public Safety Communications Research program (PSCR) in Boulder, Colorado, USA on the 26th-27th July. The VQiPS project is a special initiative, in which public safety practitioners, Federal partners, manufacturers, and representatives of standards making bodies are working to enhance the way in which video technologies serve the public safety community. In this workshop all listed entities are trying to coordinate efforts in establishing quality requirements for video use in public safety.

Since video applications are quickly emerging as an essential component of effective public safety communications and the video technology has evolved, many public safety agencies are lacking tools, support, and information they need to make informed video system purchasing decisions.

Hence in 2008 the DHS/OIC partnered with the PSCR program to form the VQiPS Working Group - initiative made for conducting surveys of video quality standards, creating a special framework for application areas, creating a guide to assist agencies in mapping requirements and determining the areas where specifications have not been developed.

In July 2012, PSCR hosted its fourth VQiPS workshop, on which the VQiPS guide was introduced. This handbook helps public safety agencies purchasing video equipment and understanding their general requirements. It was presented by the VQiPS Standards Team lead, Steve Surfaro. Workshop participants listened to a high-level overview of the guide, then received a copy with a deadline to submit feedback. Usability information gathered during the session will help to ensure that the online tool is well suited to public safety applications in the future.

During the workshop Mikołaj Leszczuk and Lucjan Janowski (INDECT representatives from AGH - University of Science and Technology in Krakow), gave successful presentation concerning the Quality Assessment for Recognition Tasks (QART). They have presented recent activities of Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG): validation and development of models and improvement of subjective testing methods. INDECT representatives showed current results regarding optimizing the video quality, extended testing methods and quantifying automatically the video sequences.

The QART presentation described above can be seen by clicking the link below:

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