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First parts of the INACT system released

The first parts of the INACT system are to the Police disposal

Possession of child sexual abuse pictures is forbidden in most countries. Nevertheless, generally speaking the ban applies not only to regular citizens but to police officers units as well. This significantly complicates revealing and acquiring evidence in police investigations. Therefore, a computer software to overcome this problem is needed.

In the long term it is foreseen that INACT (INDECT Advanced Image Catalog Tool) application will aid the police in combating crime, especially those related to children pornography focusing on protecting the young victims and prosecuting the producers of the content.

The goals of the INACT service is to allow for creation of a multimedia repository of digital images (in future - other media types) which are Police evidence and to allow for search for identical and similar images in the suspect large database. The proposed catalogue would not require to store the images, but just low- and high-level metadata of the images.

Creation of low-level metadata is a one-way process, meaning that the image cannot be recreated from the low-level metadata. On the other hand low-level metadata allows to search for images which have identical or similar low-level metadata. This important feature allows for creation of multimedia repository of items which storage, even by Police, is prohibited by law (such as, e.g. images containing children pornography).

This database can be used during the search of the suspects large database in next cases. If the Police officer is in the possession of the suspects large database s/he can run the INACT application and perform full search for images. The INACT application will find images which are identical or similar to the ones stored in the INACT database. The search process is very fast, especially when compared to manual search in the suspects large database. This allows Police officer not only for quick finding of evidence but also allows for tracking of the paths of distribution of such images.

The INACT application consists of two modules – the indexing INDEXER and searching INSEARCHER modules. Both modules have been installed at the GHP (General Headquarters of Police) in Warsaw for trails and field verification. Meanwhile the AGH team responsible for the INACT application works on the next, more advanced in terms of performance and functionality versions of the application.

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