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Public Deliverables

A List of publicly available deliverables.

INDECT is funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7); grant agreement 218086, as a “Collaborative Project”. INDECT research area is defined by the FP7 call “Increasing the Security of citizens” (SEC-1). INDECT is one out of more than 100 EU projects related to security call in the framework of FP7.

For every Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) research project, there is a duty to disseminate information on the research findings, subject of course to the possible classification of the project and compliance with FP7 IPR rules (i.e. all background and foreground information associated with the research project belong exclusively to the consortium conducting the research project). In effect, the FP7 rules recognize the participants’ interest in keeping information confidential, during the execution of an FP7 project and its exploitation phase. Detailed information on these rules can be found in Annex A of the FP7 Grant Agreement.

For all funded under FP7 projects, and their reports, there are dissemination levels that are indicated by one of the following codes:

  • PU = Public
  • PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services).
  • RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services).
  • CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).

The vast majority of FP7 reports (including INDECT deliverables) are “PU” (public). Exemptions to public disclosure consider cases which contain financial statements or could impact negatively on law enforcement capabilities or business competitiveness. FP7 Security Programme projects do not contain classified information, but publishing police operational documents means making the police weaker what would be against the idea of increasing security.

File Deliverable 9.11
Ontology and Automatic Reasoning in Crisis Management – Definitions and Concepts
File Deliverable 9.12
QoS for MANET analysis, Security in MANET analysis
File deliverable 9.13
D9.13 New block ciphers
File Deliverable 9.14
Novel algorithms for relationship mining including comparison with existing methods (Novel algorithms for relationship mining including comparison with existing methods indicated in D4.2)
File Deliverable 9.15
System for Enhanced Search: A Tool for Associative Information Retrieval
File Deliverable 9.16
Combined Tool for Enhanced Search
File Deliverable 9.17
Report on proof-of-concept of semantic components used in the portal
File Deliverable 9.19
Report on methodology for applying existing machine learning methods for behavioural proling
File Deliverable 9.20a
Test-bed Specification and Deployment Plan for INDECT Portal, Test Cases Specification: Subsystem and Integration Tests for INDECT Portal
File Deliverable 9.21
Intermediate plan for using and disseminating knowledge
File Deliverable 9.22
Report on Subsystem and Integration Tests Results
File Deliverable 9.23
D9.23 New enhanced self positioning algorithms for MANET, new efficient admission control algorithm for MANET
File Deliverable 9.24
New stream ciphers
File Deliverable 9.26
Novel algorithms for behavioural profiling and comparison with baseline systems developed in 4.7
File Deliverable 9.28
Methods for mining and detecting suspicious websites
File Deliverable 9.30
'Web System for Citizen Provided Information, Automatic Knowledge Extraction, Knowledge Management and GIS Integration'
File Deliverable 9.33
New hash function
File Deliverable 9.35
"Framework for combining user supplied knowledge from diverse sources"
File Deliverable 9.37
"Final plan for using and disseminating knowledge"
File Deliverable 9.47
Report on the outcomes of the first conference related to security of citizens in urban environment
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