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To EURO 2012 and INDECT

It should be pointed out that in a case when the project research on the detection of threats requires some experimental studies; the project conducts these experiments on university campuses. The tests are conducted exclusively within the universities and directly adjacent areas, in the wake of obtaining all the possible approvals and permits, from people whose image and voice is recorded and stored. Prototype tools are tested in separated areas, (e.g. in the internal parking lot of the university) with the participation of people informed about such attempts and, according to the procedures, after giving their informed consent. In order to satisfy personal information constrains a signed permission was received from all subjects (consent template can be found in public INDECT Deliverable D0.5). No personal data of participants were collected. The person’s images were anonymized by utilization of low resolution cameras, insufficient for registration of recognizable face image.

The project’s research for the detection of threats by intelligent cameras, especially those threats related to terrorism and serious criminal activities, can obviously be used by companies producing equipment for monitoring the safety of people at the stadiums. INDECT as a research project has no plans to perform testing of such equipment in the stadiums. There are no plans for European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland or Olympic Games in United Kingdom next year to test tools developed in the INDECT project.

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